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travel photography in Tbilisi

Tips for travel photography in Tbilisi

Traveling is a great way of creating memories. It is even better when you can look back at these memories and remember all the little things from the trip – the smell of fresh coffee, taste of a croissant, sound of a busy street and the excitement of seeing art.

When you live a busy life, these things can get forgotten faster than you can imagine. So don’t hesitate, take out your phone or your camera and take as many pictures when you travel as you can!

When you know the right tricks, you can take some pretty amazing photos with your phone. Here we have rounded up some tips for better travel photography in Tbilisi.

Feel free to use them and you will be proud to share your photographic memories with your friends, family and followers through social media.

1.Do your research

This is probably the most important step. First, plan your trip; list all the places you want to visit. Then, you can go on Instagram or google and search photographs from those places. Is there a particular spot from where the view is especially breathtaking? – make a note.

You should also think about time. Most of the time it is better to get to places earlier than the crowds to get the best shots. Alternatively, you may learn that golden hour (5-6 pm, depending on location) is the best time to take a photo. Consider weather, time-zone and adjust your plans accordingly.

2.Get lost

While it is essential to have a plan if you want to make the most of your time, it is also important to allow yourself to wander. Sometimes, the best places, the best photo opportunities are found when you just walk off the beaten pass.

3.Pack smart

You don’t have to have the most advanced photo camera to take great photos, but it definitely helps. If you have one, don’t forget to bring batteries, any external flashes you want to use and lots of storage. If you have a lightweight tripod, pack it too, especially if you are traveling alone.

If you are traveling by plane, do not ever put the expensive equipment in the luggage you check in. it might get damaged or even stolen. Keep an eye on your camera bag at all times. You should also think about backing up your photos.

4.Learn how to edit your photos

Taking a great picture is one thing but actually editing it to use is another. There are many online classes or tutorials you can watch to learn this skill. Most photographers use software like Photoshop and Lightroom and it makes much bigger difference than a high-tech camera.

Your trip should be memorable, so it is worth taking your time and documenting it for years to come. The other way to come back home with great pictures and videos is to hire a professional photographer on location. This way you will be guaranteed to have amazing results with minimal efforts.


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